Friday, September 22, 2006

"Slash" review

Slash (2002)

Directed by Neal Sundstrom
Writing credits Stephen Ronald Francis Gus Silber

Adam Woolf.... Young Mac
Danny Keogh.... Jethro
Milan Murray.... Karen
Guy Raphaely.... Ray

What is it about killer scarecrows? They seem to be dominating the straight to video horror scene right now. I recently saw "Scarecrow Gone Wild" and have my eye on "Dark Harvest". Maybe I'm answering my own question. There always seems to be room for one more scarecrow flick. You want to star in a horror flick? Start lining up now. Stuff your body full of straw, sharpen up your favorite scythe, ask the Wizard for a brain and fill out an application.

"Slash" has a scarecrow going bonkers over a visiting rock band. Some obnoxious punk comes home with his band to visit the family farm and ends up getting stuck there. They landed there just in time because the scarecrow wants to make mincemeat out of them for his harvest of blood. A Blood Harvest eh? Hmmmm… "Blood Harvest" could be the title of the next killer scarecrow bonanza. I'm sure I'd get around to seeing it sooner or later.

"Slash" is OK. It's worth a look. Scarecrow, cornfield, blood etc.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 crazy Scarecrows in search of blood (and brains)

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