Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Bloodthirsty" review

Bloodthirsty (1999)

Directed by Jeff Frey
Writing credits A. Gregory

Monique Parent.... Whitney
Leslie Danon.... Celia
Matt Bailey.... Jim
Julie Strain.... New Roommate/Narrator

I bought this video for four bucks. For some reason, I don't know, maybe it was the woman with fangs on the video box cover, I thought this was a vampire flick. Silly me. It's really a melodrama with some blood sucking. This is not a horror movie. "Bloodthirsty" is a simple exercise in B-movie making. A hot blonde and some blood is all you need. The good news is that the blonde, (Monique Parent), gets naked. Her brunette roommate, (Leslie Danon), is actually hotter than the blonde. But even though it has two good points, "Bloodthirsty" is pretty pointless. Not much happens here. You know, like excitement, tension, action, etc. It's all about sharing blood with your roommate.

One last thought, you may notice Julie Strain sitting with two women on the back of the video box. This is a classic B-movie move. Don't be fooled, (like me), into thinking Strain has much to do with this one. Strain doesn't show up until the very, very end. If you blink, you may miss her.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 blood thirsty Moniques

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