Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Skinner" review

Skinner (1995)

Directed by Ivan Nagy
Writing credits Paul Hart-Wilden

Ted Raimi.... Dennis Skinner
Ricki Lake.... Kerry Tate
David Warshofsky.... Geoff Tate
Richard Schiff.... Eddie
Traci Lords.... Heidi

I bought this video for four bucks. Ricki Lake rents out a room to a maniac. He's Skinner. Dennis Skinner. Skinner likes to wander from town to town, flaying whomever he can find. He likes to hang out in a heavily vandalized part of town where the hookers hang out. If a hooker meets Skinner, it's flaying time. One of his old victims, (Traci Lords), is hunting him down. She wants revenge for the partial skinning from Skinner. Get the knives ready.

"Skinner" made me think about the Superintendent yelling at Principal Skinner on "The Simpsons". SKINNNNNERRR!!!! I couldn't help but laugh every time they said his name. "Where's Skinner?" SKINNNNERRR!!! Get down here! Traci Lords shows up as an obsessive, would-be victim of SKINNNNERRR! Unfortunately, she does not get naked. However, I still like to see porno stars in regular flicks. It amuses me. I especially liked the scene where Lords shows Lake's husband her serial killer war wound. That was a serious scalping job.

"Skinner" has the right psychotic mind-set for a maniac with big knives movie. Skinner is a first class psycho who likes to skin his female victims. There's one scene in the middle which has an extensive, gory lesson in the art of flaying. Overall, "Skinner" is worth a look for horror fans.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 Traci's in trouble from SKINNNNERRR!

Finally, an excuse to put up some Traci Lords pics. Finally! Who knows when I'll get another chance? Hmmmm...How about...right now! Here are some more pics to keep you, (and me), happy.


* (asterisk) said...

Yes, I think I might need to look into putting some Traci pics on my blog, too. I mean, how can I not?

Dr. Gore ( said...

Don't wait another second. Make it Traci Lords day on the blog. A happy day it will be.

Anonymous said...

Interesting review!!

Anonymous said...

Ivan Nagy? Was it made for TV? Did you know most of her porn can be seen on the internet and was always popular in other countries after it was banned here? Most of them are classics, but even a few of those fizzle..just the quality was too cheap.

Dr. Gore said...

Don't think it was made for TV. Too much skinning by Skinner for that. Feels like a straight to DVD distribution. As for Traci Lords, what can one say except that the world needs more Traci Lords.

hollywoodshack said...

I can agree with that. If only she could have a part that wasn't in a hundred percent porn or slasher movie. But given the choice, I'd like to see the first in a new movie any day.