Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Detour" review

Detour (2003)

Directed by Steve Taylor
Writing credits Steve Grabowsky Steve Taylor

Ashley Elizabeth.... Tara
Aaron Buer.... Loopz/Lawrence
Brent Taylor .... Neil
Jill Jacobs .... Harmony (as Danna Brady)
Kelsey Wedeen .... Cashie

"Detour" is a B-movie version of "Wrong Turn". It does not stray from the well worn B-movie path. Teens + killers = Good times. If that description excites you, you'll probably like this flick. A bunch of teens decide to take a DETOUR off the desert highway to look for some drugs. They find death and disaster. Let us learn from their plight. So please, don't take dad's camper into the desert to scrounge for drugs among the psycho cannibals. It's just common sense.

I enjoyed this one. "Detour" has a couple of scenes of blood and guts to keep you interested. There are Chicks, a Camper, some Cannibals, and Carnage. "Detour" has all the right C-words for a decent B-movie.

One last thing, watch out for the one guy in the camper who tries to talk like a gangsta rapper. This Vanilla Ice reject had me cringing. Keep a pillow handy so you can bury your head in it when he pops up on screen.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 wrong turns down a deadly detour

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