Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Hood of Horror" review

Hood of Horror (2006)

Director: Stacy Title
Writers: Jacob Hair Tim Sullivan

Snoop Dogg ... HOH / Devon
Ernie Hudson ... Roscoe
Danny Trejo ... Derelict
Pooch Hall ... Sod
Anson Mount ... Tex Jr
Daniella Alonso ... Posie
Lin Shaye ... Clara
Brande Roderick ... Tiffany

Snoop Dogg is a hood demon. He harvests the souls of anyone who brings horror to the hood. Whether it’s a malicious tagger with a deadly can of spray paint, a bunch of lowlife slumlords or a greedy rapper, they all get what’s coming to them. Snoop introduces each story and carries off the carcasses of the unfortunate souls who cross his path.

“Hood of Horror” takes its inspiration from “Tales from the Crypt”. It has three horror tales from the crypt/hood with Snoop acting as the evil narrator and laughing at the poor choices the suckers make. Immoral fools will always get what’s coming to them when they cross the demon Dogg. It’s all a gruesome way to teach lethal lessons to people who think they can get away with committing sin.

It’s also a very cheap way of telling a story. “Hood of Horror” looks like it cost about 50 bucks to make. They must have had a few generic urban sets left over from some other B-flick and decided to crank out another movie. Snoop was probably only available for a weekend anyway so they had to work fast. “Hood of Horror” is cheap and sloppy and proud of it. “Rush job” was the first thing to pop in my head after the horror was over.

But “Hood of Horror” keeps moving and delivers some blood and guts so I can’t fault it too much. The best story is the first one with the blood thirsty tagger. That had the most gruesome deaths. The slumlord story had some good gore scenes but the greedy rapper tale was done so cheaply I couldn’t buy into the fantasy that this guy had hit it big. But overall, “Hood of Horror” is a decent B-flick. It brings the carnage to the hood and Snoop picks up the pieces. It’s worth a look.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 Snoops in the hood

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