Sunday, March 12, 2006

"The Model Solution" review

The Model Solution (2002)

Directed by Edward Holzman

Sebastien Guy.... Jack (as Scott Duke)
Holly Hollywood.... Emma
Kim Yates.... Rebecca (as Kim Laurel)
Regina Russell.... Caroline
Kimber Lynn.... Sherry (as Kimberlee Castaic)
Katie Lohmann.... Kelsey (as Katie Lohman)
April Flowers.... Sophia (as Diana Espen)
Sasha Peralto.... Diane (as Sasha Rochelle)

A guy runs a modeling agency out of a huge white house in L.A. that I have seen featured in many, many skin flicks before. This massive house is infamous. I just saw "The Key to Sex" which used this house for numerous sex scenes. It's the ultimate skin flick set. Swimming pool, nice view from the deck, enough beds and couches around for everybody to have fun on, etc. I wonder whose house it is. It must be some producer's house. The skin flick business has been very good to whoever owns this monstrosity. What a great way to save money. Just keep cranking out scripts and film the whole thing at the Malibu pleasure fortress.

If you think about it, the skin flick business couldn't possibly exist anywhere else in the world. It has to be in Los Angeles so it can be near all of the beautiful women who are trying to be models, actresses etc. Every third house in Van Nuys or Chatsworth that has a swimming pool is probably filming some sort of sexual activity. The sex flick business makes more money than Hollywood and this massive, sprawling mansion in "Model Solution" is a glaring testament to that.

Anyway, forgetting about the house for a second, "Model Solution" is a fairly lame skin flick. It has a lot of familiar faces doing a lot of familiar things but it was all pretty ho hum. A guy is competing with an old girlfriend for a modeling contract. This leads to sex. In fact, any plot point that comes up leads to sex. It's amazing. No matter what happened, it always ended up leading to sex. I guess that's why I like these movies. You know what you're getting.

The problem is that no one seemed to be into it. Everyone seemed to be going through the motions as they spent a little quality time at the Malibu pad. You've got April Flowers, Sasha Rochelle, Regina Russell and a few others. No one really stands out although I did like Holly Hollywood as the homely, (not really), assistant. She only has one sex scene. It's not that good, a little slow and in the dark, but her presence has inspired me to find other, better Holly Hollywood movies. "Model Solution" can be skipped.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 Hollys in Hollywood

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