Friday, March 17, 2006

"Battlefield: Earth" review

Battlefield: Earth (2000)

Directed by Roger Christian

Writing credits Corey Mandell

John Travolta .... Terl
Barry Pepper .... Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
Forest Whitaker .... Ker

Leverage. Remember that word. That sums up "Battlefield: Earth". John Travolta says it countless times as he looks down with disgust over the humans and presumably the audience as well. Aliens attack Earth and Psychlo Travolta laughs his head off.

Besides the fact that the action is lame and the story is not interesting, there is one element that makes this movie worse than it should be. Without this one element, "Battlefield: Earth" would be just a normal, lame B sci-fi movie. That element is John Travolta's over the top bad acting. There is clearly an 800 pound gorilla that made this train wreck happen and that ape is named Travolta.

Normally I don't like to single out a person for a bad movie. I prefer to blame the movie and move on. But I can't imagine any sane director would let him overact this horrendously unless there was a gun to his head. Travolta is terrible in this movie. He laughs like an insane asylum inmate and keeps spouting out phrases about "Leverage!" "Must have leverage!" He is the reason the movie is in the wasteland it sits. The movie was doomed from the start. It had no hope.



Anonymous said...

The reason why Ravolting is always screaming "leverage" is because its a $cientology mantra.

Dr. Gore ( said...

I did not know that. Very interesting. Although I assumed the whole movie was full of inside references. Now the movie stinks up the landfill a little more. Thanks.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

Yes but its still 100 times better than anything the British film industry has ever produced, never forget that Dr. Gore...NEVER.