Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Wolfhound" review

Wolfhound (2002)

Directed by Donovan Kelly

Writing credits Scott Bradfield

Jennifer Courtney .... Stella Kennedy
Julie Cialini .... Siobahn
Regina Russell .... Fantasy Woman
Julie K. Smith .... Fantasy Woman

I bought the unrated DVD. I saw that Julie Smith was credited in the cast as "Fantasy Woman". That sounded about right. She shows up near the end in a fantasy three-way with the main character and Regina Russell. Russell and Smith looked like they flew straight off the set of "Bad Bizness" to help add some life to "Wolfhound". They must have taken the Wolfhound Express. They were both sporting the exact same hairstyles from their previous intimate rendezvous. This sex scene was excellent. Another Julie Smith triumph. It was also the only thing that stopped me from throwing this DVD into the garbage can where it belongs.

Wow. Talk about shamelessly cheap. "Wolfhound" is an out of control rip-off. The filmmakers should kiss the ground Smith walks on for saving their movie from complete destruction. Based on the DVD cover, you would expect "Wolfhound" to be some sort of werewolf flick. The cover has a hot blonde with her head tilted back transforming into a wolf creature. The tagline is, "Beware the Beast within". But alas, the joke is on us. She is actually turning into a wolfhound. A wolfhound is: "Any of various large dogs, such as the Irish wolfhound or the borzoi, trained to hunt wolves or other large game." Yes, you read that right. She turns into a big, scruffy, mangy dog.

So this family moves to Ireland. There are lots of wolfhounds around. The main character keeps seeing one hound and wants her bad. This particular Wolfhound turns into a hot naked supermodel that wants a lot of sex. Isn't that always the way? Soon his hound dog sex will drive a wedge between him and his wife. This all leads to a very unexciting conclusion.

"Wolfhound" stinks. Even with a village full of shape shifting wolfhounds, they still couldn't manage to pull off one exciting death or action scene. Unless you'll watch Julie Smith in anything, let this hound go.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 bored hounds

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