Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Final Examination" review

Final Examination (2003)

Directed by Fred Olen Ray

Writing credits Sean O'Bannon

Robert Donovan.... Professor Andrews
Amy Lindsay.... Kristen Neal
Jay Richardson.... Hugh Janus
Debbie Rochon.... Taylor Cameron
Kari Wuhrer.... Julie Seska

So a bunch of sorority girls head to Hawaii for a reunion. There is a killer hunting them down. It all sounds good doesn't it? So why is this flick so dull and monotonous? Perhaps it's because they didn't have any idea as to what kind of movie they wanted to make. "Final Examination" starts off with a prolonged sex sequence in a hot tub. OK. So. It's a softcore flick. Works for me! Then the killer strikes and its back to slasher movie land. Softcore sex and slashers? Great! My kind of movie. Then Kari Wuhrer shows up as a cop and ruins the movie as "Final Examination" segues into a tedious cop movie. Kari and her partner hunt for clues as the viewer yawns and rewinds the movie to see that hot tub sex scene again.

The one good thing about this one is the abundant nudity. The sorority chicks like to get it on. Plenty of sorority girl's bras fly off. So that's good. Debbie Rochon shows up near the end and lets the Rochons come out to play. So that's real good. The Rochons save the movie from total destruction. Well, at least for me it did.

SCORE 2 out of 4 for Debbie and the Rochons

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