Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Accidental Stripper" review

Accidental Stripper (2003)
AKA Lost Innocence

Directed by Woquini Adams
Writing credits Connie Milton

Myla Leigh .... Janey
Akira Lane .... Candace
Anette Moeller .... Angel
Zana Cochran .... Coco

I saw this on cable the other day. A blonde who looks like she should be a stripper inherits a strip club. Stripper Serendipity. She's the "Accidental Stripper". She has a hot Asian friend, (Akira Lane), who tags along to help her manage her new asset. The veteran strippers are very catty and don't like this new blonde in their midst. New stripper blood is pumped into the club to do some schoolgirl uniform stripping and the customers rejoice. Too bad the viewers are left out in the cold.

"Accidental Stripper" is pretty lame. Limp, edited in a blender sex scenes don't make for a good late night party. That's disappointing because most of the women in this one were fairly hot. I had high hopes. I really liked the Asian babe, Akira. She had a pair on her that would make you reach for your, uh, beer. Yeah. She was the best part of this one.

Hey, when did it become fashionable in softcore flicks to have music blast over every single scene? I mean, a little background music is OK but does techno/dance music need to dominate the soundtrack during a sex scene? Sex scenes have their own soundtracks. It goes a little something like this, "Uh, uhhhhh, mmmmm…Yeah ,that's it…YES!" etc. You get the idea. Every sex scene in "Accidental Stripper" was a disco inferno.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Akira infernos


Anonymous said...

yeah she was damn hot i think anyway :) yummy i would lick her up n down i know her ass wouldnt mind mm mm mm

Anonymous said...

Forget her. How about Noah Frank. I'd love to lick him up and down, from his asshole to his big balls

Dr. Gore ( said...

Ahh, forget Noah Frank and his big balls. Lick Lane. Lane needs licking. And lots of it. Licking that is.

Anonymous said...

i just wanna say that she has big tits, permy horny and makes nice sounds when they lick her pussy and thats all I need toturn me on

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering how one becomes an "Accidental" stripper. Either you strip or you don't. Unless you're Janet Jackson, there's no option for a wardrobe malfunction here LOL. Great review. Doesn't really catch my interest.