Friday, March 31, 2006

"Blood Sisters" review

Blood Sisters (2003)

Directed by Joe Castro

Phoebe Dollar.... Rose
Erica Howards.... Tracy
Kerry Lui.... Melissa

I bought this video for three bucks. I pride myself on being the kind of person who would never pass up the chance to see a vampire sorority flick. "Blood Sisters" beckoned me. I also noticed that the funky eyed girl from "Hell's Highway" was in it, (Phoebe Dollar). I liked her in that flick and wanted to see her vamp it up.

So there's a vampire sorority on campus. It's real exclusive. It only has three members. That was all the movie could afford. They like to bring fools home and suck their blood. The new girl on campus gets suspicious of them and decides to investigate. Together with her hot Asian roommate, they'll get to the bottom of all of these vampire shenanigans.

Well, this blood sucker is no good. "Blood Sisters" is just too cheap. Everything about it reminds you that this movie was made for next to nothing. The inside of their "sorority house" looked like some poverty stricken haunted house. They actually have cheap-o spider webs running all around their living room. The gore effects are boring and repetitive. There are a lot of punctured, bloody necks but that's it. The acting is mighty low. The best bad acting scene has the "nice" girl unpacking her luggage and then ending the scene with a "Whew!' while wiping her arm across her forehead. Let's just say it was the phoniest "Whew!" I've ever heard. Put it all together and it tells you that "Blood Sisters" can be avoided.

The only good scene was the one where the Blood Sisters kidnap a woman and make her strip for them. She had this great flower tattoo running all the way down her leg. She also had great breasts. I rewound that scene three times. At least I managed to get something good out of this nightmarish sorority.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 blood sisters

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