Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Eyes of the Werewolf" review

Eyes of the Werewolf (1999)

Directed by Jeff Leroy Tim Sullivan

Writing credits Tim Sullivan

Mark Sawyer.... Rich Stevens
Stephanie Beaton.... Sondra Gard

A guy has to have emergency surgery because he scarred his eyes in a lab accident. Unfortunately for him, his doctor gets his organs from unwilling donors. This time, the doctor had a werewolf killed and took the beast's eyes for his patient. The werewolf curse is passed on to his patient via the eyes. Hence, "Eyes of the Werewolf". The werewolf goes around killing people as cheaply as possible with only a horny, large breasted nurse and a dwarf to comfort him. Guess which friend he spends the most time with?

I rented this movie because I have a manic need to see every werewolf movie ever made. This was one that slipped under the radar. I now see why it slipped under the radar. "Eyes of the Werewolf" is a very low budget wolf man flick. The werewolf likes to bite people in the neck and then chew on their entrails. It all sounds nice and gory but when you see it you'll know that the money didn't go to the special effects. They weren't that special. However, "Eyes of the Werewolf" is a straight forward monster flick even if it was made for $500. At least it didn't try to get too fancy. It couldn't afford to. Thank God they had some extra money to spend on the hot nurse.

"Eyes of the Werewolf" would pretty much be a forgettable flick if it were not for the presence of Stephanie Beaton. Beaton is the large breasted nurse who falls in love with the wolf man and must have sex with him right away. At least the filmmakers were smart enough to recognize their best asset and exploit it for all that its worth. Beaton has two long sex scenes, one in a hospital bed and another on a couch, that linger on her breasts for as long as possible. She also has another large breasted woman hit on her at the end but they never consummate their budding relationship. Now, if I was making this movie, I would have had the two of them in bed and then her werewolf lover would break down the door and attack in a jealous rage. That would have been great. Alas, it was not to be as the werewolf was more melancholy than enraged. That kind of sums up my feelings about "Eyes of the Werewolf". *Sigh*

SCORE: 2 out of 4 Beatons

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