Friday, March 17, 2006

"Hotel Exotica" review

Hotel Exotica (1998)

Directed by Marcy Ronen
Writing credits Dawn Pascual

Landon Hall.... Carly
Taylor St. Clair.... Rosa
Steve Curtis.... Zeke
Nikki Fritz.... Zeke's Lover

Ripped off again. The so called "Director's cut" version of "Hotel Exotica" is nothing of the sort unless the director really wanted to sell a tame R-rated version. I know this because I had caught the flick on cable many years ago and I can assure you that there's a lot more to the movie than this. One of the sex scenes I really wanted to see again was the one where Landon Hall's sister and Taylor St. Claire meet in the kitchen for a late night rendezvous. In the cable version, this scene rocked on for a good ten minutes. In the DVD I just saw, the scene ends after less than a minute! Taylor St. Claire sticks a piece of ice in the sister's mouth and that's it. That's it?! Wow! What a rip-off! Do not, under any circumstances, buy the "Director's cut" version of this film.

"Hotel Exotica" is about Landon Hall and her attempts to get her husband interested in her again. They end up at Hotel Exotica with the hopes that sparks will start flying. Her sister tags along and hopes to find something interesting there as well. In the version I saw, nothing interesting is happening at Hotel Exotica. Most of the sex scenes are brief and miss the point. A lot of them have the couples having sex…under the covers! What? That can't be right. Say it isn't so! Who in their right mind films a sex scene with naked bodies hiding under the sheets? "Hotel Exotica" is a complete dud. Don't waste your time.

One last thing, one of the reasons I bought this DVD was because I saw that Nikki Fritz was in it. When I saw the credit flash on the screen, "Featuring Nikki Fritz", I knew I was in trouble. Sure enough, Fritz is on the screen for about 20 seconds. It looked like a Fritz clip from some other movie was pasted onto this one. This Fritz deception elevates "Hotel Exotica" to shameless rip-off level. Avoid this hotel at all costs.



Anonymous said...

I loved the unedited version of Hotel Exotica. It might be in the Surrender pleasure pack. Most of the cut versions are out of print. You should review it again.

Anonymous said...

have you reviewed the uncut version? How would you rate it?

Hollywoodshack said...

Review the unedited version. It was always one of my favorites.

Dr. Gore said...

Unedited you say? Who could say no? But that's what I thought I was going to get. What sadist sells a cut version of Nikki Fritz? Well, I was in pain. Happy sadists? Enjoy my pain. They get the landfill.

But I certainly wouldn't object to round two with an unedited Fritz.

Anonymous said... has a download, but I'm not sure which version. The new DVDs on amazon or ebay are all unedited.