Friday, March 31, 2006

"Naughty Fairy Tales" review

Naughty Fairy Tales (2002)
AKA Naked Fairy Tales

Directed by Eric Drake
Writing credits Gary P. Conner Dagmar Pitt

Marilyn Chambers
Veronica Hart
Nicholas W. Taylor
Julian Wells

"Naughty Fairy Tales" is not a good movie. Even calling it a movie is stretching it. Marilyn Chambers hosts a string of supposed erotic fairy tales. Every fairy tale scene is in slow motion. Slow motion and sex scenes do not mix. Chambers tells her tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and other hot fairy tale babes only to have the viewer nod off to sleep when she puts them in slow motion.

First of all, where was the wolf girl? The front cover had a girl with a fake wolf nose holding Red Riding Hood while Red looked at her. I was hoping to see the wolf girl spring out of Grandma's clothes and jump on Riding Hood. Not only is there no girl wearing a wolf nose, there's no wolf girl at all. Some muscle bound dude plays the wolf. This is a Seduction flick? Where are the women?

Julian Wells shows up at the end for another slow motion sex scene. She's a blow up sex doll that comes to life when some gigantic guy inflates her. It wasn't a good scene. This guy was so huge, he was blocking Julian's body from the camera. No one wants that.

Julian Wells dominates this DVD. Well, not the actual movie itself, but the DVD is loaded with lots of Wells. The front cover screams "never before seen BONUS MATERIAL featuring MISTY MUNDAE and JULIAN WELLS." Their scene is from "Flesh for Olivia". There is also a "sexy" photo shoot with Wells. Then there is a kind of musical montage outtake scene from "Naked Fairy Tales" where Julian gets a case of the giggles. The behemoth in her sex scene must have had too many muscles for her. There's also two other bonus scenes in the extras if you just can't get enough Julian in your life.

Anyway, "Naughty Fairy Tales" is pretty bad. All of the sex scenes are in slow motion and they stink. That's a shame because most of the women in this one were pretty hot. I wouldn't mind seeing them in better movies. At least the extras were interesting. That was a lot of Julian bang for your buck but it's not enough to save this one.


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