Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Flesh for the Beast" review

Flesh for the Beast (2003)

Directed by Terry West

Writing credits Terry West

Jane Scarlett.... Erin Cooper
Sergio Jones.... John Stoker
Caroline Hoermann.... Pauline
Ruby Larocca.... Cassandra (as Ruby LaRocca)
Barbara Joyce.... Irene

I bought this DVD. You can tell that the makers of this movie had their heart in the right place. It starts with the title. "Flesh for the Beast". Wow. Already, visions of naked women are dancing in your head as they slither down to hang with the beast. Then you read the description: Female demons wait inside a haunted house...etc. The filmmakers knew all the right exploitation buttons to push. They pushed hard but the movie making part got away from them.

"Flesh for the Beast" has the flesh but the beast is snoozing. The sad part is that even though the flesh is abundant, it's not too appealing. The girls in this one were fair to partly cloudy. The fact that they were all pretty bad actresses didn't help either. They would have bad sex with their victims, put on a bad demon mask and then kill them badly. It was bad.

This is one of those flicks that you feel you should like a lot more than you do. It's got naked Succubis, a haunted bordello and lots of blood and guts. If you're a B-movie fiend like me, it's a heartbreaker. Dang it! Naked female demons are attacking dolts! This is tailor made for a guy like me! It's trying to please me so much! But I just can't get into it. It's just too lame.

Good intentions. Bad movie.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 hungry demon girls

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Anonymous said...

It was a pretty horrible flick.