Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Pleasurecraft" review

Pleasurecraft (1999)

Directed by Franklin A. Vallette
Writing credits Louise Dunkirk

Vincent Kessler.... Len
Brandy Davis.... Reva
Taimie Hannum.... Deena
Amber Newman.... Junet

A four man crew and their handy android are transporting a mysterious cargo through space. The captain has to keep the contents secret or else his crew will go wild. When an alien spaceship tries to destroy them for their cargo, the captain has to go check it out himself. Well what do you know? It consists of three hot women. That's some good cargo. The crew is supposed to bring the women to an ambassador as some sort of "brides to be" peace offering but the men, and their hot cargo, have other ideas.

"Pleasurecraft" is a typical Surrender cinema sex adventure. Lots of soft-core sex in a sci-fi setting. Typical. This one actually tried to have a little bit more sci-fi than sex. What's up with that? There is actually a drawn out space ship attack. "Their shields are too powerful!" and "Beam aboard a torpedo!" etc. It was exciting stuff. But not as exciting as the three-way between the hot women! Actually, that scene wasn't that great. "Pleasurecraft" was kind of ho-hum. The best scene had one of the alien chicks and a crew member rolling around near a river. Other than that, it wasn't too exciting. However I did like the short blonde leader of the pack. Brandy Davis is hot stuff. One scene had her posing for the captain in some sort of virtual reality chamber as a cheerleader and other male fantasies. That was nice of her. Alien women know how to please.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 alien Brandys

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