Sunday, March 19, 2006

"The Mummy's Kiss" review

The Mummy's Kiss (2003)

Directed by Donald F. Glut

Writing credits Donald F. Glut

Mia Zottoli.... Ramsay Amun/Hor-Shep-Sut (as Mia)
Sasha Peralto.... Ana Harwa/Princess Hat-Em-Akhet (as Sasha Peralta)
Aysia Lee.... Tina Kim
Richard Lynch.... Dr. Wallis Harwa
Katie Lohmann.... Isis
Regina Russell.... Helena
April Flowers.... Yvonne (as Diana Espen)
Elina Madison.... Carrie

Some of the women in this one looked familiar but I didn't recognize any of the names listed on the back of the box. The main mummy babe is listed in the credits as "Ava Niche". Upon viewing her topless, I knew exactly who she was. That's the mighty Ava Lake AKA Mia Zottoli. What a relief to find her in this one. She saved "Mummy's Kiss" from the garbage can.

"Mummy's Kiss" is not a good softcore flick nor is it a good B-movie. It's too serious and somber for a movie about a horny mummy babe. The sex scenes are weak. On the plus side, there are a lot of topless women but I was dismayed that the hot Asian teaching assistant didn't get topless until the very end. Dismayed I say. April Flowers AKA Diana Espen showed up for the party but they didn't give her much to do. She had a short sex scene with Regina Russell but it was over before you know it.

The only saving grace for this one was Mia Zottoli. I love that Mediterranean look. Dark hair, dark skin. Not to mention the fact that her breasts are perfect. Hey, I just liked watching her walk around the college campus. That mummy knows how to strut.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 strutting Zottolis

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Unknown said...

I purchased this movie a few years back and I definitely like this movie more when the audio is on mute. I have to say one highlight on this dvd is the mummy kiss rap song in the special features. Its not a great song but its cheesy enough that its worth the purchase.