Friday, March 24, 2006

"Wild Side" review

Wild Side (1995)

Directed by Donald Cammell

Writing credits China Kong Donald Cammell

Anne Heche .... Alex Lee/Johanna
Christopher Walken .... Bruno Buckingham
Joan Chen .... Virginia Chow
Steven Bauer .... Tony

I bought the unrated version of this movie. The video box cover has Christopher Walken rubbing his chin while staring at Anne Heche kissing Joan Chen's neck. The movie held promise. Based on this cover, I felt it was reasonable to expect Anne Heche to explore her love for Joan Chen. I was not disappointed.

So Anne is a banker by day, hooker by night. It's never the other way around. You know, hooker by day, banker by night. That would be interesting. Anyway, Anne immerses herself in the world of money laundering with Walken and Chen. Anne falls in love with Chen in the process.

This leads to the highlight of the movie. During a long lunch and a rendezvous in the bathroom, we see Anne fall slowly in love with the beautiful Joan Chen. This leads to their slow and VERY erotic sex scene. This pleased me immensely.

Some women look sexy with short hair and Anne Heche is one of them. She shows us her breasts on several occasions as well which is also a good thing. If I had to guess the movie was about anything, I would say it's about finding love where you find it. Anne falls in love with Chen, they have hot sex, and the viewer rejoices.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 for Anne Heche gone wild!

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