Friday, October 31, 2008

"The Machine Girl" review

The Machine Girl (2008)
AKA Kataude mashin gâru

Director: Noboru Iguchi
Writer: Noboru Iguchi

Minase Yashiro ... Ami Hyuga
Asami ... Miki
Kentaro Shimazu ... Ryuji Kimura (as Kentarô Shimazu)
Honoka ... Violet Kimura
Nobuhiro Nishihara ... Sho Kimura
Yûya Ishikawa ... Suguru Sugihara
Ryôsuke Kawamura ... Yu Hyuga

A hot schoolgirl in a sailor outfit tries to look out for her wayward brother. She goes mad with rage when her brother is killed for upsetting the local Yakusa brat. She tries to get revenge but instead ends up getting her arm hacked off. But as Rose McGowan and Long Jeanne Silver once showed us, even though you are an amputee, you can still have some fun. The schoolgirl's new friends attach a machine gun, (with never ending ammo), to her arm stub. Now she is Machine Girl. Ready to blow away ninjas, yakusas and crazy women with drill bras.
A girl and her gun. It's truly all you need for a successful movie. If it's one thing "Grindhouse" taught us, it's that when life takes a limb away, replace it with a heavy caliber machine gun. Once Machine Girl is locked and loaded, the heads start exploding. She tears her way through many bodies and the blood spray is plentiful. It was quite gratifying to see a movie embrace this level of over the top gore. The CGI effects were weak but the buckets of blood made up for it.

"Machine Girl" is a fun movie. It's a simple little diversion about the pleasures of watching a young woman blast her way through her many enemies. Her most entertaining opponent would have to be the woman wearing a drill bra. She embraces you and your breasts are turned into pulp. This was a fine exploitation scene that captures all that is good in B-movie insanity. "Machine Girl" is worth a look.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 machine bras


thebonebreaker said...

You said it perfectly - Machine Girl is a "fun" movie! :-)

Nice Review!

Dr. Gore ( said...

Thanks. What's not to like about a heavily armed machine girl? Fake blood, bad acting, ridiculous story? It's all part of its charm.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

i love japanese schoolgirls, i was just wondering if you`d ever visited japan, and if so, were you lucky enough to go to one of those places where they have a full size mock-up of a sub-way train and for the equivelent of $200 you get to sit in the carriage alone with the illusion that the train is moving, and then it stops and a gorgeous sexy 18 year old japanese schoolgirl gets on, and there you are together on the train as it resumes the illusion of movement, and then in total privacy you can walk up to the gorgeous sexy bird, (who has been instructed to remain standing holding the hand rail), and procede to pull her knickers down and then bugger her and rub her clit red raw, and then end by spunking in her gob, for me its always been maybe one of my ultimate fantasys, (alas, as yet unfullfilled), but like i say i was just wondering if you`d been lucky enough to do it?. Now with regards to "the machine girl", i will watch this film at some point because i do like the looney way that the japanese make their blood and guts movies, but like i say first and fore-most when i think of japanese schoolgirls i just want to bugger them and spunk down their lushious young throats and lick out their shaven pussys.

Dr. Gore ( said...

I haven't been to Japan yet although I want to. I want to do a Far East tour one day hitting Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok. It would be out of control. And very expensive.

I have never heard of the mock-up subway train with a compliant schoolgirl scenario you're talking about. I just looked on the internet for something about it and got some info on a computer game that lets you do exactly what you describe. All those hours on the subway with the schoolgirls obviously inspire some hard fantasies. It's interesting that a schoolgirl fetish like that can have such a hold on people that it needs to be fleshed out so extravagantly.

For my money, I'd want a "Speed" scenario. There would be a Sandra Bullock look-alike handcuffed to a rail while I dourly inform her "I don't have the key". Then we get crazy on the floor while the train derails.

Anonymous said...

the ammo does end. sucker. move is perfect. super real. lived in japan and it's just like that.