Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Blood Moon" review

Blood Moon (2001)
AKA Wolf Girl

Directed by Thom Fitzgerald
Writing credits Lori Lansens

Shelby Fenner .... Krystal
Shawn Ashmore .... Beau
Tony Denman .... Cory
Nate Dushku .... Whiffer
Tim Curry .... Harley Dune

This movie is a lie. A huge fraud. If it was a crime to make a misleading video box, this movie would be sentenced to the electric chair. They would bring it out of storage just for it. The box has one of those covers where if you tilt it the being on the box changes. This one had a wolf creature. The movie had a girl who needed to shave! Get some shaving cream and you will have defeated the vicious wolf girl and her stubble. The box I rented was called "Blood Moon" too. I can't remember if the box explicitly said the word "werewolf" but it was definitely what was being sold.

It's another example of a movie using and abusing horror marketing to sell their non-horror movie. It really was a freak show sing along. Why not sell that on your video box? A bunch of freaks on the cover wouldn't sell that's why. Instead they grab dupes like me who think they are renting a horror movie and instead I get a freak-o-rama singing and dancing marathon. Gee, how could that possibly disappoint me? Warm up the chair.



James said...

I saw this upon its original VHS release. I remember two things about it.1: It was bad, real bad.2: It was disturbing, real disturbing. The tiny penis? Ugh, what was. That all about?

Dr. Gore said...

Oh yeah. The tiny penis. I had blocked that out of my memories.

Tiny penis=Rage. It was meant to show the reason for the guy's anger. His shortcomings etc. It's also another reason why this movie needs to be in the landfill.