Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Vampiyaz" review

Vampiyaz (2004)

Directed by Z. Winston Brown
Writing credits Z. Winston Brown

Richard Carroll Jr..... Jakeem
Malik Burke.... Khalil
Debbie Rochon.... Cheryl
Krystal Hill.... Vampeisha
A.J. Khan.... Vampyros (as Anju McIntyre)

Gangsta vampires. Vampiyaz. Amulets. Gangstas cursing and shooting at each other. Incompetent filmmaking. That's what "Vampiyaz" is all about. It's a pretty cruddy B-movie that has two elements that stand out: Velociraptor Vampires and a Levitating Wheelchair.

The vampires in this movie don't like to sneak up on people. Whenever they decide to attack, they howl like a Velociraptor from "Jurassic Park". Nothing says B-movie like a dino vamp attack.

There was one scene at the end which gave me a huge laugh.


One of the heroines has a bomb strapped to her wheelchair. The main hero is trying to diffuse it. She's nagging him to death while he goes to work. Finally, she lets her secret out. She knows it was him who ran her over and subsequently put her in a wheelchair. The hero looks at her dumbfounded and the bomb goes off. This bomb scene was hilarious. A puff of smoke goes off and her wheelchair goes straight up and levitates. It is the cheapest, most cut-rate explosion scene I have ever seen but it gave me a laughing fit. I rewound that scene about three times. Thank God I found something good in "Vampiyaz".

SCORE: 1 out of 4 for wheelchair comedy


KW said...

You know I've seen this movie quite a few times... and I gotta say I love it!!

You gotta realise that it's unlikely any of the cast are real actors or had any training in the art...

There all "G's" from the street, and as such the director (if you can call him that!) probably didn't have the courage to tell them what to do too much... maybe he just didn't give a f**k... either way I'm glad he didn't cos I just love this movie!

Dr. Gore ( said...

I kind of wish he did give a f***. But I see your point. If the director did care at all, I wouldn't have discovered the fantastic wheelchair explosion scene. I'm not kidding when I say I was laughing hysterically at it. I'm smiling now just thinking about it. There's something good to be taken from "Vampiyaz". But not much.