Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Shredder" review

Shredder (2003)

Directed by Greg Huson
Writing credits Craig Donald Carlson Greg Huson

Scott Weinger.... Cole Davidson
Lindsey McKeon.... Kimberly Van Arx
Juleah Weikel.... Pike
Billy O'Sullivan.... Skyler (as Billy O')
Holly Towne.... Robyn

A bunch of teenagers head to an abandoned ski lodge to shred. Apparently, "shredding" is what you do when you snowboard. Who said you couldn't learn anything from B-movies? There is an angry skier there who hates snowboarders. The killer is out to do some snowboarder shredding. For all you skiers who hate snowboarders, this is the movie for you. I live in L.A. and haven't seen snow in years. Thank God. The only time I see snow is in a movie.

"Shredder" was pretty good for a straight to video slasher movie. I was pleased. The killer came up with plenty of good inventive kills. The very last kill in the movie had me cheering. "Who's the shredder now?!" All the girls were hot. One even got naked! WOO-HOO! "Shredder" is worth a look if you like slasher flicks.

One last thing, I have to scream foul on the main blonde. FOUL! She was the hottest girl and did not get naked. That's just not right. The filmmakers really decided to stick it to us by giving us plenty of tease scenes. She's in a hot tub having sex, she makes a move for her girlfriend in the bathroom, she is changing clothes every five seconds and yet there is no nudity. Attention Slasher Movie Filmmakers: If you can't show the goodies, don't bother. Stop the tease. Stop the madness!

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 shredders shredding

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