Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Patrick Still Lives" review

Patrick Still Lives (1980)
AKA Patrick vive ancora

Directed by Mario Landi
Writing credits Piero Regnoli

Sacha Pitoëff .... Professor Herschell
Gianni Dei .... Patrick Herschell
Mariangela Giordano .... Stella Randolph
Carmen Russo .... Cheryl Kraft

I bought this DVD having absolutely no idea what the movie was about. All I knew was that it was about a guy with telekinetic powers and that it was supposed to be sleazy. I don't need to know much.

Patrick is in a coma. He has telekinetic powers. A bunch of people end up at the wellness center where Patrick is staying. We get the impression that they were invited there by someone with an ulterior motive. I use the word impression because the plot is a bit hazy. There's a scene about an hour into the movie where the head doctor explains the plot to Patrick and to the audience. It then becomes clear why these people are here and what Patrick has to do with it. He wants to hurt these people who have come to the center. There are three men and four women. All of the women are hot. I had a good feeling that they were going to get naked. I was not disappointed.

I sat there wondering how this movie was going to earn its sleaze reputation. Was Patrick going to zap off the ladies clothes? Was he going to make them get naked with each other? What nasty tricks did Patrick have up his comatose sleeve?

There are three sleazy scenes:


One scene pole-vaults over the top bar and earns a 10 from this sleaze judge. It involves a naked woman and a horny fire poker. Bravo! Another scene involves a Patrick induced masturbation. I'd rate that one an 8.5. The last sleazoid scene has a couple of dogs becoming famished when they smell a naked woman. Score that scene a six.


"Patrick Still Lives" is certainly not a good movie. There is no hero, no likeable characters nor does the flick make much sense. But it has three scenes of sublime sleaze. There are some other gory scenes as well which makes this flick worth watching once.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 all-sleaze seeing Patrick eyes


Anonymous said...

This is a personal favorite of mine. Mariangela Giordano actually still looks pretty good. I saw her awhile back on the extras of some other Italian horror flick.

Dr. Gore ( said...

These women were amazing weren't they? Also amazing how much sleaze-o-rama they managed to pack into this one. Hot Poker , that's all I'm saying.