Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Violence Jack: Evil Town" review

Violence Jack: Evil Town (1986)
AKA Violence Jack bangaihen: Harlem bomber hen

Directed by Ichirô Itano
Writing credits Shô Aikawa Gô Nagai

Minako Arakawa .... Ricky (voice)
Issei Futamata .... Joker (voice)
Steve Hooper .... Mad Status (voice: English version)
Jane Howard .... Aila (voice: English version)
Bob Johnson .... Kurata (voice: English version)
Kiyoshi Kobayashi .... Jack (voice)

I'm not a big fan of anime but when I saw this video, I couldn't resist. "Violence Jack" just looked cool. I'm glad I did pick it up because it is an insanely violent tale of Violence Jack and his battles with underground scum.

An earthquake has leveled Tokyo. Now there are three sections: Sections A, B, and C. Violence Jack gets dug out from the rubble. He is a giant. He decides to side with the all girl Section C. Before too long, Section B goes hog wild and attacks the other two sections. Violence Jack gets involved.

I loved this video. The "Violence" in the title wasn't lying. Violence Jack lives for carnage. The blood was gushing and the heads were rolling. He has a great fight with the head of Section B who is also a giant. There is a mass rape scene too. A little weird for me to see cartoons curse, rape and bleed gallons of blood. Maybe I should rethink my attitude towards anime. They could be on to something.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 extremely violent Jacks

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