Friday, August 18, 2006

"Killer Nun" review

Killer Nun (1978)
AKA Suor Omicidi

Directed by Giulio Berruti
Writing credits Giulio Berruti Alberto Tarallo

Anita Ekberg .... Sister Gertrude
Paola Morra .... Sister Mathieu
Alida Valli .... Mother Superior
Massimo Serato .... Dr. Poirret
Joe Dallesandro.... Dr. Patrick Roland

"Killer Nun" baby. Did you hear what I said? "Killer Nun"!! What a title. I couldn't resist. I was helpless. A nun. Who's a killer! Had to see it.

Unfortunately "Killer Nun" was too good a title. It couldn't live up to the high sleaze bar it had set for itself. The main nun, Sister Gertrude, (Anita Ekberg), does not get naked. She wasn't a young nun but she still had it going on. She was looking good. So Gertrude works in a hospital. She is also addicted to morphine. Patients start ending up dead. Gertrude is suspected of being a killer nun. Her young nun roommate tries to console her. She also gets naked a lot and longs to be with Gertrude. In a good scene, Gertrude says that she'll only make love to a woman if she's wearing silk stockings. But once again, the movie falls short and no nun sex scene. Rats.
All in all, "Killer Nun" is not too exciting. If the point of a "nunsploitation" movie is to see women dress as nuns and be sexual, this movie falls flat.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 killer nuns

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