Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Bleed" review

Bleed (2002)

Directed by Devin Hamilton Dennis Petersen
Writing credits Devin Hamilton

Debbie Rochon.... Maddy Patterson
Danny Wolske.... Shawn Banning
Allen Nabors.... Chris
Julie Strain.... Linda
Brinke Stevens.... Phyllis Patterson
Lloyd Kaufman.... Carl Patterson

Debbie Rochon shows up and gets topless. That's all you really need to know about "Bleed".

Julie Strain's breasts have a fifteen second cameo near the beginning of the movie. I just watched "Blood Gnome" the other day and she did another topless walk-on in that flick. It's no longer a question whether Strain will get naked. The question is, "How long will her breasts stay out to play?" Even in both movies combined, she was on screen for less than 5 minutes. Her name is enough to rope in the drooling B-movie fans like myself. Strain's breasts are in big, bouncing demand. (Drool, drool...)

Debbie Rochon is the star of this one and she gets topless on many occasions. That was nice. The rest of the movie was pretty lame. Rochon thinks she's in a "Murder club" but the would-be club members are keeping a secret from her. I won't spoil the big surprise here. Besides, who really cares what these idiots are thinking or doing or saying? What's important in life is naked breasts. Am I right? Can I get an amen?

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 bleeding Debbies

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