Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Free Enterprise" review

Free Enterprise (1998)

Directed by Robert Meyer Burnett
Writing credits Mark A. Altman Robert Meyer Burnett

Eric McCormack.... Mark
Audie England.... Claire
Carl Bressler.... Mort Berg
Thomas Hobson.... Richard
Jennifer Sommerfield.... Tricia
Rafer Weigel.... Robert
William Shatner.... Bill

"Free Enterprise" is about a bunch of thirty year old movie geeks in L.A. If you can catch all the movie reference jokes, you are a Movie God. I think I caught most of them. "My romantic life has been like a Fellini movie...8 1/2 weeks." If that joke makes any sense to you, you need to see this flick.

When the guys were hanging out and basking in their pop culture omnipotence, I had a good time. All the scenes with Shatner were great too. But there is a good portion of the flick taken up by relationship problems. The guys turn on each other when a fantasy girl drops from heaven, (she reads Sandman!), and steals one of the geeks away. Best friends analyze each other and explain why they're still single. Why can't you commit?! I was waiting for the guy with the glasses to charge his friend a bill for psychiatric services rendered. These scenes were annoying. But thankfully they don't take up a majority of the movie.

This movie will be best appreciated by thirty year old sci-fi movie geeks. If you are in that category, you should check out this flick.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 Shatners

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