Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"The Exotic House of Wax" review

The Exotic House of Wax (1996)

Directed by Cybil Richards
Writing credits Cybil Richards Lucas Riley

Blake Pickett.... Josie
Jacqueline Lovell.... Star
Everett Rodd.... Pete (as Everett J. Rodd)
Eric Acsell.... Andy
Elizabeth Kaitan.... Angela Wingate

A hot babe inherits a hot wax museum. She enlists her friends to help her save the dilapidated junk pile. Soon she discovers the building's hidden secret: It's an erotic house of wax! MOO-HA-HA! There's an ancient horny amulet that turns wax figures into carnal creatures. Could this be the solution to her money problems? Could copulating wax people help the museum survive? What a great business strategy! Throw a sex amulet on some wax dummies and let the money pour in.

"The Exotic House of Wax" is not the best skin flick I ever saw but it gets the job done. Josie Hunter is the hot babe who gets her hands on the wax museum and her hands all over one of her guy friends. That was a decent scene. She should have put on the amulet a lot sooner. Most of the scenes with the wax people getting it on were fair. Whenever you hear a cheesy rock guitar crank up, you'll know that wax sex is coming soon. There was one sex scene that worked wonders for me. It involved Jacqueline Lovell, two female wax figures and another woman with large breasts. Let's just say that that was some hot wax friction. "The Exotic House of Wax" is worth watching if you're a Lovell fan.

One last thing, do you think wax figures get turned on by having wax poured on them? One sex scene had a woman pouring hot wax from a burning candle onto an animated wax woman and she squirmed with pleasure. You'd think they'd be sick of wax. It's like pouring an extra layer on them. These are the things I think about. Wax on a wax figure? Sure, why not? She seemed to like it and that's good enough for me.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 hot wax loving Lovells


Kester Pelagius said...

A very entertaining review!

I actually ordered this as a blind buy, back before Amazon, back before DVD, back when it might have still be called The Erotic House of Wax.

All I can say is if you enjoyed this then get Femalien. (Just be sure you get the unrated version.) It's bascially softcore porn made by music video directors.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Thanks Kester for the compliment.

I actually have seen the unrated version of "Femalien". I enjoyed it, especially Lovell's scene at the end. That was some good Lovell loving.

Anonymous said...

Nice review, man. Sounds like a decent melting pot of waxy goodness. Funny how Paris Hilton was in the mainstream version while she's not in this porn version. The world is funny sometimes.