Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Candy Stripers" review

Candy Stripers (2006)

Directed by Kate Robbins

Writing credits Jill Garson Kate Robbins

Scott Aaronson.... Coach
Brian Lloyd.... Matt
Sarah Ball.... Tammy
Brianna Berman.... Voluptuous Nurse #2
Deanna Brooks.... Janine
Monique Cooper.... Sue
Leah Foster.... Gayle
Pearl Anne Lopez.... Voluptuous Nurse #1
Nicole Rayburn.... Krystal
Eliza Swenson.... Sally

“Candy Stripers” is about a bunch of horny alien Candy Stripe nurses. Need I say more? It’s one of those B-movies that tap into the hearts, minds and other organs of the most fevered B-movie fans. An alien slug somehow finds its way to a hospital. It only wants to be transmitted to the hottest nurses. Oops, my mistake. I mean the hottest CANDY STRIPE nurses. In order to spread the love slug, the host has to give someone some serious tongue action. The hospital turns into an alien make-out party. A couple of teens, (of course), end up at the hospital and must do battle with the alien supermodel Candy Stripers.

What is it about Candy Stripe nurses? It must be that we know that they’re young, hot, innocent etc. Haven’t we always wanted a pack of them to attack us while trying to slip an alien beast down our throat? Or is it just me? You could probably pick any profession that is dominated by women and I’ve had some weird fantasy about it. Like my “Attack of the Horny Stewardesses” movie where I am all alone on an airplane with a pack of homicidal flight attendants. Then there’s my “Night of the Living Dead Strippers” movie in which a lone man, (Me), must face off against a city full of zombie strippers. I only have my wits and a roll full of dollar bills to defend myself. Ahh…someday. But I digress.

Anyway, “Candy Stripers” has a great B-movie premise. The movie itself was OK. There were no surprises or shocks. The movie played out exactly as I thought it would. There were a couple of scenes of naked nurses. So that’s nice. There were a few bloody scenes too, especially near the end, but nothing really made me stand up and say wow. On the other hand, “Candy Stripers” delivers what it promises. You want hot alien nurses to attack and that’s what you get.
If you’re looking for a decent B-flick, “Candy Stripers” will work for you.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 bloodthirsty alien nurses
Oh doctor... Guess what I'm thinking about?
Sugar and blood. Feed the Candy Stripers.

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