Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Invasion of the Bee Girls" review

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Directed by Denis Sanders
Writing credits Nicholas Meyer Sylvia Schneble

William Smith.... Agent Neil Agar
Anitra Ford.... Dr. Susan Harris
Victoria Vetri.... Julie Zorn
Cliff Osmond.... Capt. Jim Peters

The people of this movie are not bright. You'd think they would notice the women who wear giant sunglasses day and night as something out of the ordinary. Where did these glasses come from? Not once does anyone mention how odd it seems that all the female scientists and the male scientists wives are wearing gigantic sunglasses. This was the clue people! "They'll love the very life out of your body!!"

So the Bee Girls don't really invade since they are already there. They get transformed into Stepford Bee girls. Only this time not to be subservient to their men but to mate and mate until you croak. It sounds a lot better than it is. Ok, so it had naked breasts. There was a brief kiss between the bee babes. (Nice.). But overall it was pretty ho-hum. Also, the lighting was terrible! Many a good breast shot was ruined by placing the action in pitch dark. Lights! Dang it! We're missing the best part!

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Stepford Bee babes


Anonymous said...

Your review, Dr. Gore, is inept; there's more here, perhaps, than meets your eye. "Invasion of the Bee Girls" is not only one of the best photographed independent films of the seventies, but it's also one of the sexiest. Just because you can't see every chill-bump on Anitra Fords aeroele doesn't mean this movie's not damn hot. And stylish, witty, provacative and intelligent. Perhaps globo lit hardcore is more to your liking; so why try to review sci-fi?

Dr. Gore ( said...

Well, I'll concede that this is not one of the best written reviews I've done. I've just reread it and it succinctly gets to the point. The point of course being that I'd like to see every chill-bump on Anitra Fords aeroele.

But even though the review quality is suspect, I still feel the same. "Invasion of the Bee Girls" was far from thrilling. They needed to spend a little more money on lighting to get the full provocative Stepford Bee Girl effect. Globo lit hardcore sounds like fun but I can review Sci-Fi too. Especially when it's about maniacally horny Bee Girls.