Friday, August 04, 2006

"Personals II:" review

Personals II: (2002)

Directed by Kelley Cauthen
Writing credits Edward Gorsuch April White

Beverly Lynne.... Jessie
Christopher John Kapanke.... Nick
Daniel S. D'Ottavio.... David
Candace Washington.... Lisa
Mia Zottoli.... Diane, Jessie's editor (as Mia)

Beverly Lynne embarks on a romp through cyberspace. She has to write an article on online dating and decides to jump right in so that she can learn about it firsthand. This leads to a lot of sex. Beverly gets to meet a bunch of guys who want to see her naked. I was not surprised by her luck in the dating world. A horny guy at the office is watching her date half the city and becomes concerned that Lynne is slipping away from him. He wants to be more than "just friends"…

Ahh, Beverly Lynne. Here's a sex star I want to like but her recent movies have let me down. She's been pretty dull in most of her recent flicks with the exception of "Bikini a Go Go". She's also cut off most of her beautiful blonde hair for some inexplicable reason. The good news is that "Personals 2" has her looking just right. She's got a slim, fit body with a great hairstyle to match. Hair is very important to me. It can make or break the woman. This is the look that she must get back to. Please come back Beverly.

"Personals 2" is a pretty decent sex flick. It's kind of a romantic sex flick as Beverly navigates her way through the internet looking for love. It could have been a little sleazier for my tastes. I would have been a little more creative in the couplings. All of the sex scenes are guy/girl with the exception of one girl/girl scene but even that one is set up as if the two women were madly in love with each other. Of course one of the women was Mia Zottoli so that's some good loving. Now a Zottoli/Lynne scene would have been nice. Yeah…Lynne could have been working late and Zottoli could have helped her unwind…Yeah…

Speaking of Mia Zottoli, let me pause my fantasy and say one thing about her: She is hot! Hot I tell you! Good Lord man! Her large breasts are mind boggling. I know because I've looked at them and they've boggled my mind. She has one sex scene on a table with her female lover and I could barely control myself watching it. In fact, I can barely control myself writing this review. Just watching her arch her back on the tabletop almost drove me to madness. Can you tell I like large breasted women? I could have gone for some more Zottoli action in this one but that's true of all movies I see. Any movie can be improved with a little Zottoli.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 blonde Beverlys

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