Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting" review

The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting (2003)

Directed by Louis Morneau
Writing credits Eric Red Molly Meeker

C. Thomas Howell .... Jim Halsey
Kari Wuhrer .... Maggie
Jake Busey .... Jack
Shaun Johnston .... Sheriff Castillo

Theoretically, "Hitcher II" is a sequel to the violent Rutger Hauer classic "The Hitcher". In actuality, it's a Kari Wuhrer thriller masquerading as a "Hitcher" sequel. Oh sure, there's C. Thomas Howell driving along the same highway as the first movie. And look! There's a blonde hitchhiker acting all crazy. So what's the problem? No problem really. I just wonder why they bothered with Howell at all if they just wanted to make another Wuhrer thriller. Say it with me: EXPLOITATION.

So the "Hitcher" title gets slapped onto this little B-movie. They had a blonde psycho ready to go and wondered how they were going to squeeze him into a Wuhrer flick. So Wuhrer runs afoul of loony bird and the psychotic events start unfolding. Like the first movie, he tries to frame her at every ludicrous turn. Like the first movie, there are ropes and two trucks involved in a key scene. Like the first movie, there is special finger food added to the deep fryer. So why am I saying "Hitcher II" is not really a sequel?

Because "The Hitcher" was about Howell having a violent S/M relationship thrust on him by psycho Hauer. "Hitcher II" is just another generic psycho movie with Wuhrer weeping her eyes out at every turn. Busey was just doing it all for B-movie kicks. Now if a female hitchhiker had gotten picked up by Wuhrer and the two of them went through the motions that Hauer and Howell had gone through...Oh yeah. I've been waiting...Still waiting.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against B-movie thrills. In fact I love them. "Hitcher II" takes the best bloody bits from the first "Hitcher" and shoves them into the Kari Wuhrer blender. I enjoyed myself. It just didn't feel like a sequel to me. It ripped off the first one but forgot to rip-off the best part.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 hysterical Wuhrers

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