Thursday, August 17, 2006

"King of the Ants" review

King of the Ants (2003)

Directed by Stuart Gordon
Writing credits Charlie Higson

Chris McKenna.... Sean Crawley (as Chris L. McKenna)
Kari Wuhrer.... Susan Gatley
Daniel Baldwin.... Ray Mathews
George Wendt.... Duke
Timm Sharp.... George

"King of the Ants" is about finding your true calling in life. Sean Crawley is drifting along until Norm from "Cheers" rolls in. Norm hooks Crawley up with some bad people that need some dirty work done. Crawley jumps at the opportunity. The rest of the movie is Crawley coming to grips with the real world through the use of extreme violence. Crawley starts to see people as if they were ants. He wants to be the King.

Well, there were some good violent parts to this one but overall I'm left with the same blasé attitude as Crawley. Whatever. Ho hum. The beginning and ending were good but the middle section with Kari Wuhrer had me screaming.


So Crawley gets his head bashed in for daring to ask for his hit-man's paycheck. These scenes were intense. I was pleased. Soon Crawley escapes and ends up in Kari Wuhrer's house to heal. Wuhrer is the wife of the man he killed. Now, I like seeing Wuhrer naked as much as the next guy but these housewarming scenes were ridiculous. I mean, give me a break. I know Wuhrer is hot and Crawley had brain damage from his beatings but give me a break! Why did he end up there? Surely he knew she would find out who he really was. He conveniently kept the photos and surveillance of her husband with him. Geez! I knew within two seconds what was going to happen. Thankfully, Wuhrer does get naked so it's not a total loss.


Crawley takes his beatings and torture and turns it into something positive. I think the movie is trying to tell us that nothing really matters and that we're all ants to be squashed. Whatever. If Crawley wants to be the King, good for him. Congratulations. You're the King. King Crawley. Have fun.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 angry Norms

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