Saturday, January 14, 2006

"The Seduction of Misty Mundae" review

The Seduction of Misty Mundae (2004)

Directed by Michael Raso
Writing credits John Paul Fedele Michael Raso

Misty Mundae.... Misty
Julian Wells.... Aunt Inga

Ahh, Misty Mundae. Sweet, innocent Misty Mundae. She's the woman who is stuck in a perpetual cycle of playing a young girl on "the verge of sexual discovery". She's the lesbian Lolita. She's the grown woman with a girl's body which turns some men on to no end. This is why the Mundae phenomenon has passed me by. Her sexual appeal is based on her playing the nice, young girl. It just doesn't work for me. I found it very amusing that in "The Seduction of Misty Mundae" she complains to Julian Wells about not having any breasts and how she looks like a young girl. The real truth is that her lack of breasts works in her favor. If her body had any semblance of womanhood, she wouldn't be as popular as she is today. She would not be the horny "girl next door" Mundae anymore if she actually showed signs of maturity. In "The Seduction of Misty Mundae", the filmmakers have finally found the absolute perfect role for her.

"The Seduction of Misty Mundae" exploits "young girl" Mundae for everything she's worth. She gets to play the shy girl who goes to her Aunt Julian's house for a week of fun and frolic. It is a testament to Mundae's acting skills that I actually believed she was as innocent as she said she was. When Misty hears Julian pleasuring herself at night, this stirs up some longing in her. She wants to learn more and she wants it now. The young guy in the neighborhood starts hitting on Misty. This leads to a shocking scene where Misty Mundae actually makes out with a guy! Soon Julian will show her that being with another woman can be just as fun, if not more so. Misty watches Julian have sex with a girlfriend and she likes what she sees. This all leads to the triumphant grand finale where Julian Wells helps with Misty's sex education by having an all night love session by the fireplace.

Julian Wells, unlike Mundae, is a grown woman and gets to show Misty how women do things as Aunt Inga. I really enjoyed the clothes changing scene where you get to see the stark contrast between girlish Mundae, who doesn't need to wear a bra, and tall woman Wells, who looks hot in her all black lingerie outfit. Wells tries to comfort Mundae on her lack of bra size by wishing she didn't have to wear one like Mundae. Mundae still looks longingly at Wells and her womanly body. It's Wells who makes this movie happen for me. Their sex scene at the end of the flick was fantastic. Those two go very well together.

"The Seduction of Misty Mundae" is not the typical Seduction Cinema offering. It's done very seriously unlike the usual light hearted lesbian flicks they crank out. It wouldn't have worked if they didn't have good actresses for the main roles. Julian Wells and Misty Mundae are the best ones they've got. I might even go so far as to say that they are the only good actresses they've got, although Erika Smith and AJ Khan are kind of amusing. You know the movie is serious when they quote a Ph.D. on the cover of the DVD box! I was hoping the quote was going to be from Dr. I.M Horny of Sapphic University but I think it was actually a sincere quote. Misty arrives at her Aunt's house in the fall when the leaves are changing color. You see, the changing of the seasons symbolizes Mundae's changing into a woman. It's all part of the circle of life. Am I thinking too much about this? Possibly…

Anyway, "The Seduction of Misty Mundae" was great. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This was easily the best Julian Wells/Misty Mundae movie I have seen yet. The filmmakers have learned a lot from making all of these skin flicks. The sex scenes all have long takes which increases the effectiveness of the scene if you just let the ladies go. I give the last scene with Julian and Misty by the fireplace four stars out of four. You'd be hard pressed to top it. If you're a Julian Wells fan, you must see this movie. Aunt Julian will seduce Misty and you as well.

SCORE: 4 out of 4 for Aunt Julian's fireside sex lesson


makentush said...

That`s increadable woman

Dr. Gore ( said...

Seductive Julian. She is incredible isn't she?

And "Makentush". Nice name. Now that's funny.

ElPayasoMalo said...

I have never seen Misty Mundae as "girlish" as opposed to "womanish" in any flick except this one. Her lower body (hips, legs, buttocks) are way too developed for me to see her as a young girl. I would argue her face is girlish, but not the rest of her (if you want to say small breasts are a sign of girlishness, fine I'll give that to you even though breasts come in all varieties in adult women). This is the only film in which she really plays this kind of character that I can remember. I've seen her play everything from the authority figure in Playmate of the Apes to unwilling subject to a tyrant in Gladiator Eroticus to aggressive hero in Mummy Raider (being dominant over the more Amazonian built Darian Caine, who is typically the dominant one). Mundae has played schoolgirls before, like in Lust in the Mummy's Tomb, but that character was more of a spoiled brat. This is the first and so far only flick in which I see Mundae actually play the innocent yet curious young adult. She's played shy, nice and young girls, but here is the only time I've seen her play all three at once (she had an early attempt in Vampire Strangler and probably a few more films from 1999 or so, but that was before she had really gotten decent at acting). I wouldn't say that she's made to play this type of role, because I never see her as a young girl unless she's supposed to be one and acts accordingly. She's a good enough actor to give me the impression that she is the certain type of character appropriate to the film (be it the leader of a group of astronauts, the alpha bitch, the psycho slut or the uptight Christian student), even in the cheesy schlock she tended to be in during the timeframe in which this film is shot. I really think she's versatile enough to not be typecast or pigeonholed into this type of role. I enjoyed your review, though, and I'm not attacking your opinion; just stating mine as perhaps a counterpoint (I didn't really enjoy Wells here as much as some other flicks, but she she still does quite well here, especially her dialogue delivery).