Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Bare Wench Project: Uncensored" review

Bare Wench Project: Uncensored (2003)

Directed by Jim Wynorski

Nikki Fritz.... Nikki
Glori-Anne Gilbert.... Glori-Anne
Lorissa McComas.... Lori
Shauna O'Brien.... Shauna
Julie K. Smith.... Julie/Chloe/Zoe

Of all the compliments you could give Nikki Fritz, add "Smart Businesswoman" to the mix. "Bare Wench Project 4: Uncensored" is only available through the internet. I bought this DVD through her website. I think you can get it at one or two other sites but it's better to go right to the source. So the DVD arrives in the mail and a little postcard comes with it. The postcard has a picture of Nikki Fritz in a tight yellow top and a pink skirt. In the bottom right corner, she signs it with my name and "Love Nikki Fritz". Now, I don't really know if she actually signed this or if she just had the receptionist write it for her but the point is that sending the postcard was a brilliant move. The personal touch is what it's all about.

But the question remains, even with a signed postcard, is "Bare Wench Project 4: Uncensored" worth going through a website and paying $35 plus shipping and handling? Well, that depends. If you have never seen a "Bare Wench Project" flick before, it's definitely worth every penny. You'll never have to buy another one. "Bare Wench Project 4: Uncensored" is a compilation of greatest hits from the three previous movies. There's probably a couple of seconds added to each old scene. Nikki Fritz, Julie K. Smith and Glori Anne Gilbert walk through the woods and reminisce on the other flicks. "Hey, remember that time we took our tops off? That was awesome!" Then the movie flashes back to the bare women.

Unfortunately, I have seen the first two "Bare Wenches" which of course makes me a first class sucker for buying this DVD. But I've learned to live with my B-movie obsession, especially when it comes to skin flicks that have Nikki Fritz and friends in them. I really, really, wish I could tell you that this footage was "Too hot for Cinemax!" But let's face it, what could possibly be too hot for Cinemax? If you've seen "Call Girl Wives", you'll know that Cinemax is not shy about their late night sex flicks. Nothing in "Bare Wench Project 4" was overly shocking or steamy. The DVD also doesn't have any chapters so you can't skip ahead to a good scene. Slapped together is a fair way to describe this one.

That's not to say that there aren't some good things here. Nikki Fritz is a woman worth going to war over. Forget Helen of Troy. Nikki of L.A. is worth fighting for. She gets naked countless times and each time is a treat. She has a couple of good, light sex scenes with Smith and Lorissa as well. Julie K Smith is also not afraid to shed her clothes and she lets the Smiths come out to play as often as possible. But Fritz really didn't do anything that should have been censored in the first place. There was a lot of nudity but the sex scenes in this one are all done half heartedly. Smith and Fritz seem to be friends who can't embrace the idea of having a serious sex scene. Most of the movie just has the gratuitous nudity that these flicks are famous for.

At its heart and soul, "The Bare Wench Project" series is all about sending large breasted women into the woods and seeing what happens. There's no script. There's just breasts. All of these movies are the result of topless women goofing around. As "Bare Wench" flicks go, this one was the best. We could skip all the formality and just get serious about watching breasts. There were plenty to see. Of course, I had seen most of it before but if you haven't jumped into this series yet, get this one and you'll see everything you need to see.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 bare Nikki's


Michael Whiteacre said...

First, you can bet that Nikki signed it. She's a wonderful gal and not a bullshit artist. Second, this movie may contain scenarios from the other movies in the series, but I believe the actual footage, or the majority of it, is unique to this movie. It's hard to tell since all these movies feature the same girls and the same set-up in the same location. I sold this one to US tv as well, and supervised the final cut. No, it's not too hot for Cinemax, but it is sometimes mildly hotter than other Wynorski fare in that I softened or diminished two elements: girls looking at the camera and posing, and girls smiling. I don't know about you, but when I think about girls having sex, or coming on to someone, they're not smiling -- they're leering lustfully, wantonly, ecstatically, what have you. Smiling is what women do in a magazine ad for cheap car insurance, or pancake mix.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Smiling women tend to deflect advances from men more than attract. Yeah, you need the leering eye to give you the sign that her inner Bare Wench is about to come out and make the magic happen.