Monday, January 23, 2006

"Vampire Obsession" review

Vampire Obsession (2002)

Directed by John Bacchus
Writing credits John Bacchus

Darian Caine
Jade Duboir.... Alexis (as Jade DuBoir)
A.J. Khan
Allanah Rhodes

I bought this DVD after seeing a trailer for it on the "Play-mate of the Apes" DVD. Anoushka caught my eye in that one and I wanted to follow her voluptuous body to her next party. Tragically, her breasts were much smaller in this flick but she was still hot. She becomes a horny slave to a vampire, (Jade Duboir), and they make it with both willing and unwilling girls. Bloody kisses for everyone.

It would be foolish to call "Vampire Obsession" a movie. This is an all-girl softcore porno. Unlike "Play-mate of the Apes", this movie didn't have music blasting over the top of the sex scenes. "Vampire Obsession" was much better. There was plenty of sighing and moaning. The plot scenes lasted maybe a minute and then the girls were back at it.

The best discovery for me in "Vampire Obsession" was A.J. Khan. She gets stopped by the vampire girls and thrown down on the mat for some action. She is by far the horniest girl in the movie. She is a huge turn-on. I will have to check out a couple more of her sex adventures.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 obsessive Khans

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