Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Sex, Secrets and Betrayals" review

Sex, Secrets & Betrayals (2000)

Directed by Dave Franks
Writing credits Samm Croft

Nikki Fritz.... Maggie
Daniel Anderson(as Dan Anderson)
Angela Davies.... Lisa
Jezebelle Bond.... Sasha

I saw this on cable the other night. Two words: Nikki Fritz. WOW. Wow I say. She has beautiful breasts that look great naked or squeezed into a dress. In other words, she looks hot all the time. She has a perfect body. It was built for sex. It's a good thing too because her body is working overtime in this one. She has six or seven sex scenes and they are all good.

So Nikki goes back to her old, evil boyfriend to help her husband work off a gambling debt and ahhh who cares? What's important here is that Nikki is having a ton of softcore sex.

She has got the hair flip down to an art. You know, whenever a sex scene starts, the performer has got to be mindful of where the camera is and flip the hair off of their face. Nikki is the hair flipping master. Her long brown hair flies through the air. She should be the spokeswoman for whatever shampoo she's using. It would be a hot seller.

SCORE: 4 out of 4 because Nikki Fritz makes me say WOW


Anonymous said...

I much preferred Lisa. She seems sophisticated, natural and a great performer without looking like a stripper.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Angela Davies eh? She's good. But she's no Nikki Fritz. Not many women are.

Anonymous said...

Hey do you know where i can download this movie, i want it!!!
Nikki and Angela are so hot!!

Dr. Gore ( said...

Don't know where to download it but it is definitely one of Nikki Fritz's hottest movies. Well worth searching for.

Anonymous said...

ya where can i download this movie sex secrets and betrayals

Anonymous said...

Dude, recently Jim wynorzky said on his facebook that Nikki would return to movies, i don't know if he was trolling, do you know something about it?

Dr. Gore said...

No I don't know anything about a Nikki Fritz return to greatness but I certainly hope this is true. Because I love her. What we need from Wynorski is less trolling and more Fritzing. And include Julie K Smith in whatever adventure Nikki gets into. Thanks.