Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Demon Knight" review

Demon Knight (1995)

Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson Gilbert Adler
Writing credits Ethan Reiff Cyrus Voris

John Kassir.... Crypt Keeper (voice)
Billy Zane.... The Collector
William Sadler.... Brayker
Jada Pinkett Smith.... Jeryline (as Jada Pinkett)
Brenda Bakke.... Cordelia

The Collector, (Billy Zane), wants his key. William Sadler has it and won't give it back. Sadler escapes to a motel in the middle of nowhere. The main man Zane follows in hot pursuit. Soon the humans will have to do battle against Demon Knight Zane and his hordes of undead ghoulies. Blood, guts and green ooze spurt out in abundance.

Billy Zane is hilarious as the Collector. It is surely one of the finest portrayals ever of a demon from Hades. He is as cool as cool can get. He should consider playing a vampire in some future Zane adventure. Count Zane. I can see it. How the Academy overlooked this performance is a mystery.

"Demon Knight" is a great horror/action flick. The Crypt Keeper shows up to bookend the simple story of a motel overrun by green eyed demons. The gore is plentiful and gruesome. Every part of the human body is violated. Arms, eyes, hearts and other important organs are punctured with demonic glee. It's demons vs. humans with Zane trying to seduce everybody. Can anyone resist Zane's satanic power? Only the pure of heart will survive.

One last thing, keep an eye out for a familiar face among the party babes in Uncle Willy's seduction scene. Porno superstar Chasey Lain shows up to help push Uncle Willy over to the dark side. Her demonic topless power was too much for any mortal man to resist.

SCORE: 4 out of 4 demonic Zanes

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Anonymous said...

One of my all time "B flick" favs! Zane 's alluring character us so sexy. Great quotes!