Saturday, January 28, 2006

"Sin Sisters" review

Sin Sisters (2003)

Directed by Tony Marsiglia
Writing credits Tony Marsiglia

Misty Mundae.... Cynthia
Chelsea Mundae.... Morgana
Julian Wells.... Juli
Andrea Davis

I bought this DVD. Misty Mundae is not one of my favorite softcore stars but I was intrigued by the possibilities a movie called "Sin Sisters" had to offer. Her real life sister Chelsea Mundae plays her sister in the movie. Visions of two sisters being sinful in bed together did weird and disturbing things to my brain. "Sin Sisters" just might be nasty enough for me. So I bought it.

Oohhhh. My brain hurts. These sisters were not sinful enough. Let's cut right to the chase. They do not have sex. They do not kiss. They don't do anything sexual with each other. Well, they watch each other play around but that's it. Mostly they scream and yell at each other. Misty is the dominant one and screams the F-word at her sister numerous times. Wow. Exciting.

Misty Mundae is still the whitest woman I have ever seen. The movie starts out with her and her sister by the pool sunning themselves. Misty pours suntan lotion on herself and her skin is actually whiter than the lotion! She does absolutely nothing for me. She is a flat chested ghost of a woman. Her sister is even worse. "Chunky" would be an accurate description of her. "Voluptuous" would be another word I could use if I was feeling nice but I'm not. So Chunky and Misty hit the road to a psycho woman's house. The second half of the movie has the two sisters playing mind games with wacko Wells. I was not thrilled. Or aroused.

This movie needs to be completely remade. There could be a really nasty flick here. The hook is that they are real life sisters! Why wasn't that exploited? Why couldn't the sisters have gone on a cross country killing spree? Yeah! They could attack some couples and kidnap the girls back to their motel room. After a little three-way action, the sisters could take a sinful shower together to wash away all that blood and sweat.

Am I the only one who is doing any thinking around here? Am I the only one who cares about quality exploitation movies? Come on people! Let the sisters be as sinful as they want to be!

SCORE: 1 out of 4 because the Mundae sisters were not sinful enough.

My fantasy version of it: 4 out of 4 blood soaked, sin filled Mundaes


Anonymous said...

That's pretty mean, yo.

Mighty Roxtard said...

Sometime after reading this review, I was made aware of the existence of Carter Steven's "Teenage Twins", which features real-life twins Brooke and Taylor Young,who actually get (ahem) sinful with each other. This is not as pretty as you would hope. Misty and Chelsea might be a better bet for this sort of thing...

Anonymous said...

Bet my last dollar that hottie you call "chunky" could beat your pathetic self down. She is georgous and you calling her names really just makes you look like a dolt.
Sorry if you have to look up dolt, by your writings it is obvious you have a limited vocabulary.