Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Swimming Pool" review

Swimming Pool (2003)

Directed by François Ozon
Writing credits François Ozon Emmanuèle Bernheim

Charlotte Rampling.... Sarah Morton
Ludivine Sagnier.... Julie
Charles Dance.... John Bosload
Jean-Marie Lamour.... Franck

I've had my eye on this one for awhile. The video box cover is great. It has a hot blonde sunning herself by the pool while someone's shadow falls over her. She is wearing an awesome black and white striped bathing suit. It was hypnotic to look at. As I got closer to the box, I noticed it had the words UNRATED VERSION plastered in the corner. That was enough for me. Done, done and done.

An English writer heads to a big house in France to get some work done. The daughter of her publisher barges in and makes herself at home. Unfortunately for the writer, this new arrival is a raging slut who likes to party all night. Or is that a bad thing? Soon the writer will turn her situation to her advantage by making the skank her muse.

On the plus side, Julie, (Ludivine Sagnier), gets topless. A lot. She is the slut of Sarah Morton's dreams. She will inspire Sarah and nothing inspires more than a topless blonde. Ask any artist and they'll agree with me. In fact, ask anybody on the planet Earth and they'll agree. I was inspired just by looking at her wearing her bathing suit. Imagine what symphonies I could compose or plays I could write by seeing her topless. The mind boggles.

On the negative side, there is not too much mystery or thriller in this mystery thriller. The mystery only comes at the very end. It comes as a shock because you didn't even know that there was a mystery. I won't ruin the twist here but let's just say it's not the Swimming Pool that makes Sarah start writing again. It's what Sarah wants to see swimming in the pool.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 inspiring dream girls


* (asterisk) said...

I was so disappointed by this movie. As you say, the nudity of the young girl helps a bit, but when Charlotte Rampling drops her robe for the old guy towards the end... eeeyyyuuk! Methinks she's a little old for that these days. And she seemed to put in a particularly bad performance, too, I thought.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Rampling's rampant nakedness didn't bother me. Not saying I loved it mind you, but I could live with it. Who could forget her in "The Night Porter"? Rampling is not shy about dropping her clothes. Even if she should be. But overall, the blonde topless muse kept me focused on her blonde toplessness and all was well.

Evan Waters said...

Hey, I'd still hit it.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Who could blame you?

Sharon said...

you all need to reconsider your reason for existence. I say this without the slightest bit of promotion for "Swimming Pool," likely nothing more than one of many films you shouldn't watch until Loraine Bobbit disenfranchises you from your most prized member.

You should spend time getting laid, not attempting to ascertain the enigmatic low rumblings of English & French artistry.

Dr. Gore ( said...


Thanks for writing. You just gave me a really good laugh.

Actually it's Lorena Bobbit not Loraine. She hates it when you get her name wrong. I know this because we dated for awhile. She never made a move for my prized member. That's because its made of pure steel. Actually, she knew it was my brain and wasn't too interested.

Getting laid sounds like a good idea but I think you're also missing the point. If "Swimming Pool" has a hot blonde on its DVD cover, (therefore selling sex to the masses), I think it's reasonable to let your libido do the talking when discussing the movie's artistic merits. Perhaps it is a bit crass but no more so than movies selling sex and violence by the pool.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed, too. The end was so confusing. If you've heard one explanation or even two claim to be right, don't be so sure as once the mysteries start unfolding, there's very little coherence to how you should interpret it. The other guys are right, though, that Lavigne is hot.