Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Emmanuelle in Space: One Last Fling" review

Emmanuelle in Space: One Last Fling (1994)
AKA Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling

Director:Jean-Jacques Lamore
Writers: J.C. Knowlton

Krista Allen ... Emmanuelle
Paul Michael Robinson ... Captain Haffron Williams
Tiendra Demian ... Tasha
Jennifer Burton

(Singing): E-man-u-elle, Queen of the Galaxy…E-man-u-elle…you look just like Krista Allen…(End Singing) Emmanuelle is the only woman on Earth who can help a spaceship full of intergalactic dorks understand human love. The Emmanuelle movies are based on the worldly Emmanuelle and her escapades in exotic locations. This time, Emmanuelle is in outer space with a bunch of voyeurs who can’t wait to put their headsets on so that they can have a virtual party with her. Now that Emmanuelle is in space, it makes it easy for her to teleport to many parts of the globe so she can keep her sex education going.

In this installment of “Emmanuelle in Spaaaaaaace!” she wants to have one last fling with her studly space captain. So they whip out the teleporting remote control and zap themselves to various hot spots around the world. It’s all in an attempt to see how many times they can have sex before the movie ends. When Emmanuelle asks if he’s ever done it on a boat, it’s off to a boat they go. If Emmanuelle wants to do it in China, they’ll be banging near the Great Wall. If the pyramids turn her on, it’s time for 69 on the Nile. You get the idea.

I was pleased with this one. I had seen another one of the “Emmanuelle in Spaaaaaaace!” movies and was left dissatisfied because Emmanuelle, (Krista Allen), was missing in action for a good portion of the movie. In “One Last Fling”, Emmanuelle is naked and doing her thing throughout most of the movie. It’s kind of an exercise in intergalactic fidelity. Emmanuelle wants to spend some quality time with her muscular alien friend before he leaves her at the speed of light. This is good news for the viewer as Krista Allen is unbelievably hot. There have been many Emmanuelle’s before Krista Allen but she is one of the few that I could completely believe would be the embodiment of sex and desire. My God Emmanuelle. Is there anything you don’t know?

So if you’re in dire need of a Krista Allen fix, (and I was!), “One Last Fling” is the “Emmanuelle in Spaaaaaaace!” installment to get.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 E-man-u-elles...

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hollywoodshack said...

The best Emmanuelle show I saw was Teenage Emmanuelle with Catherine Ringer. Of course it was not a soft core made for late night show. It's no longer available in English, I think it's in German even though the film is French. It was excellent and very tastefully done. As for the soft core movies, Laura Gemser was the best Emmanuelle in any of the sequels. Check out Emmanuelle in Africa.