Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Hellblock 13" review

Hellblock 13 (2000)

Director: Paul Talbot
Writers: Jeffrey Miller Michael R. Smith

Gunnar Hansen ... The Executioner
Debbie Rochon ... Tara
Jon Miller ... Prison Guard #1
Brian Kelly ... Prison Guard #2 (as Brian D. Kelly)
Jeff Jordan ... Doctor

Debbie Rochon is in prison for crimes against humanity. She gleefully killed many people and is excited about being executed. The giant prison guard, (Gunnar Hansen), wants to make her death wish come true. But before she takes the fast lane down the highway to Hell, Debbie wants to entertain Hansen with tales of murder and mayhem. She’s been writing stories down that she hears from the many ghosts that live in her Troma prison. Hansen listens with disgust to the three horror stories that Rochon spins for him.

“Hellblock 13” is an anthology movie from Troma. I’m not much of a Troma fan so I was a little worried that this was going to head down their usual path of bodily fluids and stupid jokes. But thanks to a maniacal Rochon and some gory horror tales, “Hellblock 13” turned out OK. This movie reminds me of why I like Rochon so much. I’ve always had a thing for long haired brunettes and Debbie is at the top of her game here. She plays a raving lunatic who lusts after blood and broken necks. She looks great in this one and is fun to watch as a wild killer scurrying about her cell.

The first story has a young mother having second thoughts about the children in her life. They might weigh her down so she decides to dump them overboard. The kids disapprove of mommy’s selfish ways. The second story is the funniest as a hick couple needs marriage counseling from an evil witch. The witch has a potion that may put the monster of a husband down for good. Or it could go awry as evil ways have a tendency to do in these kinds of movies. The last story is the weakest as a biker gang looks for salvation from a really hot, (and dead), biker chick. They need protection from cops and will perform a blood ritual to show how much they love hot chicks in leather.

“Hellblock 13” is a fun B-flick. Rochon knows how to tell some good blood and guts stories to pass the time before her execution. “Hellblock 13” also finishes strong as Rochon decides to carry out her sentence by putting a razor blade to good use. The anthology tales keep moving and deliver some good gore scenes. It’s worth a look.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 diabolical Debbies

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