Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Suckers" review

Suckers (1999)

Directed by Roger Nygard
Writing credits Roger Nygard Joe Yanetty

Joe Yanetty .... Joe (as Joe Yannetty)
Jake Johannsen .... Lance
Daniel Benzali .... Reggie
David Ackert .... Shamin
Louis Mandylor .... Bobby Deluca
Lori Loughlin .... Donna Deluca

My brother told me that I had to see this movie. He watched it as part of his salesman training at a car dealership. He said, "You want to see how car salesmen really act? Watch "Suckers". Then you will understand." So one night we were at the video store looking for something to watch. I suggested "Hamburger Hill". My brother took a glance at the comedy section and saw "Suckers" sitting there. He yanked it off the shelf and sprinted to the counter. It was "Suckers" time.

"Suckers" is about car salesmen. It is a brutally honest look at how car salesmen lie, cheat, and scheme to get you to sign the deal. My brother was cringing while watching it. He said, "Wow, this is bringing back some memories. Man, it was brutal. Oh, you can make some money at a car dealership if you don't mind working for twelve hours a day. The guys at the dealership would say to me, 'Only twelve hours? Hey, that's only half a day! Where else could you POSSIBLY make $100,000 a year?' The kind of person who should be a car salesman is like the guy in "Suckers". Only the most desperate, broke, soon to be divorced, starving for food guys should be car salesmen."

Most of the movie is spent listening to Reggie, (Daniel Benzali), and his Saturday morning sales pep talks. These monologues are the backbone of "Suckers". Reggie gives some important pointers to the sales force. "Keep nodding your head. Soon the customer will start nodding his head with you. " Or, "Tell the customer to follow you into the office. Whatever you do, DO NOT TURN AROUND. They will follow you like a lost puppy." Reggie is usually right.

There is a second storyline playing in the background of "Suckers". It has something to do with embezzlement and gangsters. There is also some gratuitous nudity thrown into the mix as well. But the most important aspect of "Suckers" is learning about how car salesmen are out to screw you and seeing the level of contempt they have for the customers (suckers). I enjoyed my car salesman training lesson. It has taught me to fear the car salesman. Yes, I've been screwed on a car deal. I've been a Sucker too. I'll have to ask my brother for guidance the next time I do battle for a new car.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 car salesmen looking for suckers


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was a car salesman when I first watched this movie, and I'm not, contrary to popular belief, a scumbag. In fact, I am an elementary teacher now, so I guess that's my way of paying back my debt to society -- just kidding. :)

Seriously, though, it is one of the great movies for any type of salesman to watch -- right up there with Boiler Room, Glengarry Glen Ross, and Wall Street. The general attitude and dynamics of the work place are right on, and the dialogue, while humorous, is quite accurate.

Consequently, after watching the movie, I tried the head-nodding trick, and it does work. And the not-looking-back trick is a long-established rule of sales -- expect them to follow you and they will.

Lots of good stuff in this movie.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

after "amityville 3: the demon", meg ryan went on to become a superstar where-as lori loughlin drifted into relative obscurity, its strange because i think lori was easily the more gorgeous of the 2 birds.

Dr. Gore ( said...

I'm ashamed to say that I've never seen "Amityville 3-D". It will have to go on the Netflix queue now.

Lori was looking good in this one. Maybe more people saw "Amityville 3-D" than "Suckers". Shame really as this is a good flick. But you need to either be a salesman or know one to really appreciate it.