Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Scary Movie 3" review

Scary Movie 3 (2003)

Directed by David Zucker
Writing credits Shawn Wayans Marlon Wayans

Pamela Anderson .... Becca
Jenny McCarthy .... Kate
Marny Eng .... Tabitha
Charlie Sheen .... Tom
Simon Rex .... George
Jianna Ballard .... Sue
Jeremy Piven .... Ross Giggins
Anna Faris .... Cindy Campbell

Anna Faris is back and she's blonde. So far, so good. This "Scary Movie' outing focuses on spoofing "The Ring" and "Signs". Faris sees the ring and notices the signs. If you haven't seen those two movies, you probably won't get half the jokes. Leslie Nielsen pops in as the president and Charlie Sheen does a stoic Mel Gibson. There are other riffs on "The Matrix" and "8 Mile".

The "Scary Movie" franchise is turning into an annual event celebrating the previous year in film. If a movie struck any kind of nerve with audiences, (preferably younger audiences), the "Scary Movie" people want to send it up immediately.

As far as this "Scary Movie" sequel, it was all right. OK. Fair. Decent. 2 out of 4. The "8 Mile" segment was the best.That had me going. "Scary Movie 3" starts off hilarious, "The dogs are acting strange.", but then proceeds to miss, miss and miss again. This movie was made in a rush and it shows. By the midway mark, it was running out of gas and wheezing to the finish line.

But it's got some funny bits. It's worth a look.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 blonde Annas in pure terror

Speaking of blondes, who could forget this classic scene?

It heaves with goodness. This is actually the first Pamela Anderson movie I've seen. I know. I'm as shocked as you. Seeing this picture has made me realize how foolish I've been. I think it's time for some "Snapdragon". Or maybe some "Barb Wire". Or perhaps anything that has her mighty cleavage in it. You can tell I'm real picky about the movies I watch.


Ronald_McMurder said...

this one wasn't as bad as "scary movie 2". that flick was 100% pure usda inspected shit.

Dr. Gore ( said...

I don't remember much of "Scary Movie 2". Actually I don't remember much from "Scary Movie 3". I remember laughing at parts of both of them. I'll just remember the good times and toss the rest.