Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Deadly Species" review

Deadly Species (2002)

Directed by Daniel Springen
Writing credits Rory Penland Bill Suchy

Pete Penuel .... Dr. Brinson Thomas
Allison Adams.... Marta Thomas
Brian Minyard .... Wilson Friels
Jeff Brozovich .... Derek neal
Britt George .... Laird Kleeger

A bunch of college students head out into the Everglades to look for something. Instead they find something else. People die and some other stuff happens.

It was a pretty decent B-movie up until the roller coaster derailing ending. There were naked breasts. Very good. There was blood, although not a lot. There was a thing stalking the party in the woods. But all the condiments in the world do not add up to a B-movie burger if the ending stinks.


There should never be a level of understanding between the monster and its victims. "Yes, yes. I understand. I was wrong all along. Thank you for killing me." Apparently the filmmakers couldn't afford to mess up the monster's rubber costume. It was a rental and had to be back by next Thursday. Stop making nice with monsters! They are there to be killed, not to be put on a pedestal as a swamp guardian. First I fear the swamp species, now I sympathize with their plight? Coaster going off the tracks! B-movie fatality.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 deadly rubber beasts

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