Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Ginger" review

Ginger (1971)

Directed by Don Schain
Writing credits Don Schain

Cheri Caffaro .... Ginger
Duane Tucker .... Rex Halsey
Herbert Kerr

I bought this one from Blockbuster for five bucks. I've stared at the video box for "Ginger" for the better part of my movie watching life, wondering when I was going to get around to watching it. There is a blonde on the front cover with ammunition belts covering both of her breasts. How could I resist? Sadly, that scene was not in this movie.

Ginger is some sort of secret agent/private detective. Her boss sends her out to the Jersey Shore to check out some guys running drugs and prostitutes. They have a little blackmail scheme going on as well. Ginger uses her assets to seduce the bad guys and to find out what she can. First, the bad news. This movie stinks. The acting is terrible. AWFUL. Ginger was a leggy blonde with a harsh tan line and NO acting ability. There are plenty of sex scenes but they're filmed in a way that makes watching the sexual act a really depressing experience. Basically a naked girl will lie on top of a naked man. No movements. No attempt to even be a remote facsimile of sexual intercourse. It was bad.

The good news is that there are plenty of naked breasts in the flick. Ginger gets naked a lot near the end of the movie. There is one scene which saves "Ginger" from the garbage can. It involves a naked Ginger in handcuffs on the bed. That was just sleazy enough to make me hold on to this tape.

There's no need to watch this movie. If you feel you must, use the fast forward button. When you see a naked woman, stop.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Gingers in trouble

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