Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Breeders" review

Breeders (1986)

Directed by Tim Kincaid
Writing credits Tim Kincaid

Teresa Farley .... Dr. Gamble Pace
Lance Lewman .... Det. Dale Andriotti
Frances Raines .... Karinsa
Natalie O'Connell .... Donna

You might think this movie is about aliens. You'd be wrong. Sure there are aliens, and they do attack. But what the movie is really about is breasts. Female breasts. Naked female breasts.

Naked women are attacked by aroused aliens. Yes. That's right. It looked cheap and tacky. It was cheap and tacky. Still a good time for an aliens on the hunt movie.

Near the end, all the naked women jump into a pot of alien goo. I'm not saying what's in that goo, but the title is "Breeders". A high point in B-movie moments.

It was sleaze to please. I was pleased.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 pots of goo

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Anonymous said...

Breeders is airing on "Impact on Demand" at the moment...and it's definately worth a watch for the poor B-Movie comedic value (and the pre-"implant era" boobs are good too)