Saturday, November 11, 2006

"The Entity" review

The Entity (1981)

Directed by Sidney J. Furie
Writing credits Frank De Felitta

Barbara Hershey .... Carla Moran
Ron Silver .... Phil Sneiderman
David Labiosa .... Billy
George Coe .... Dr. Weber
Margaret Blye .... Cindy Nash

Barbara Hershey lives in a house with a son, two little girls and an invisible rapist. Her doctor thinks she's hysterical. She has had a rough life. Therefore, it must be all in her head. Everyone else believes her except the doctor. "It must be mass hallucinations!" People get thrown around, wrists are broken and yet the doctor still can't give in. His skepticism continues unabated throughout the movie. Thankfully some college ghostbusters show up to help Barbara.

The movie's main strength is this: It ain't subtle. The filmmakers go out of their way to show that invisible guy is in fact, raping her. See Barbara Hershey's breasts get squeezed by invisible hands! That was a classic moment. I liked the invisible rapists theme song too. Every time he would attack this loud music would accompany his assault.

The doctor got annoying after awhile. There always seems to be the scientific fool who doesn't believe in ghosts, trying to ruin the movie for everyone. I wish he would have come to his senses a little earlier in the flick than never. Why The Entity is so obsessed with her is never explained. The flick tries to make an argument about female hysteria creating The Entity but that argument loses steam by about the third assault. Invisible man is there, he wants her and there you go. I liked it.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 Hersheys under attack

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Michael Whiteacre said...

I once struck upon the notion to remake this with a guy in the lead -- sort of a cross between "The Entity" and "The Boys In The Band." No takers.