Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"The Underground Comedy Movie" review

The Underground Comedy Movie (1999)

Directed by Vince Offer
Writing credits Vince Offer Dante

Barbara Snellenburg .... Supermodel #1/Virgin/Beautiful Girl/Boobwatch Girl #4 (as Barbara Snellenberg)
Rebecca Chaney .... Supermodel #2/Pregnant Girl/Lesbian #3/Co-host of Bag Lady Pageant
Vince Offer .... Batman/Fetus Salesman/JJ Cool/Flirty Harry/Vincenzo Bulafungu
Karen Black .... Mother
Ant .... Gay Man
Michael Clarke Duncan .... Gay Virgin
Joey Buttafuoco .... Sonny
Slash .... Miss America Bag Lade Pageant Host

My brother bought this for me after seeing an ad on TV. He had asked me if I knew anything about it before buying it. I had seen some ads for it, heard it was playing at midnight shows in L.A. and New York. I also heard Slash was in it and it was disgusting. So I gave him the green light. There were parts that were funny, parts that were disgusting. I just can't get over how bitter and jaded it is. This was made by a guy who must despise L.A./Hollywood and the lack of appreciation they've shown him.

We are reminded many times in the movie that the main characters name is Vince Offer. He was also the director/writer/everything else on the movie. He sings a take off on "The Naked Gun" song "I Love LA" called "I Hate LA". He's talking to mobsters and they say something like, "I'm going to make them an offer." To which Vince replies, "A Vince Offer?" Yeesh. If you were going to sell yourself, couldn't you be a little more cool about it? I hope he makes his peace with whatever is bugging him.

That said, there were some parts that I liked. The Gay Virgin was hilarious. So were the porn reviewers. I especially liked the Japanese porn movie. Unfortunately there were a lot more sketches that fell flat. The flat sketches outweighed the funny ones.

But the ending sums up the movie. I think it was made to get back at all the people who have given him a hard time in Hollywood. There is a jab in the credits to the people behind "There's Something about Mary". Some sort of bad blood there. This was the Vince Offer attack. Will there be a "Mary" counter attack? Probably not.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Offers

Vince Offers

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