Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Silent Predators" review

Silent Predators (1999)

Directed by Noel Nosseck
Writing credits Patricia Arrigoni Fred Brown

Harry Hamlin .... Vic Rondelli
Shannon Sturges .... Mandy Stratford
Jack Scalia .... Max Farrington

There was this giant snake head on the video box cover lunging at me. I flipped the box over and read something along the lines of, "Mutated snakes attack small town..." Its B-movie venom was deep in my bloodstream. I had to see it.

Now, when they say mutated snakes, they mean the snakes have bred with other snakes to become meaner and more aggressive. That doesn't mean the snakes will actually LOOK any different, i.e. mutated. But they're different. Trust them.

So a bunch of normal looking snakes attack the town and Harry Hamlin must do battle with them. It was a fair B-snake movie. I just wish the snakes had mutated into something resembling a mutation.

One last thing, since when are rattlesnakes considered Silent Predators? Most of the snakes doing the attacking in this movie were rattlesnakes. Mutated rattlesnakes. I'd like to point out the obvious that the rattlesnake has, in fact, a rattle. A rattle that the snake likes to shake a lot. Hence, rattlesnake. Did the filmmakers realize this before they named the movie "Silent Predators" or did they just not care? Does anybody care? Ahh, whatever.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 not so silent predators

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I so love this movie, I want to see it again but can't find it anywhere. Apparently stores where I live do not understand the b-movie greatness.